Map "Smoky Mountains"

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    Smoky Mountains 1872, Tennessee

    Deep in the mighty mountains of the Appalachian Tennessee, there are two small mining settlements on a large lake. Framed by forests and rugged rock faces, the settlements have grown to considerable size with the constant expansion of the numerous existing mines. A cable car runs across the lake from a plateau down to a camp on the lake shore and another one connects two of the large mines. The lake can also be crossed by foot via a narrow ford between the two settlements, as well as by rowing boats by water. Various large and small ore mines with different levels and hundreds of meters below and above ground are driven into the huge mountain massifs, a truly unreal place for fights between the declared mortal enemies. Explosions, collapses, booby traps, fires, all this and much more awaits the brave ( or exhausted of life? ) who enter the mines unprepared.

    Also the ravines, paths and forests are full of dangers, not only that one of the enemies is a pain in the neck, but also rock falls, wild animals and other nasty surprises are always to be expected.

    You can expect shooting duels of all kinds, from ranged battles to bitter close combat in forests, canyons, in and around the settlements and nerve-wracking underground battles for the mines and their resources. Are you man enough to face this hell?