Map " Sonoran Desert"

  • Sonoran Desert 1869, Arizona

    You get off the train and stand on what is called a station in this area, but really only in this area...

    The associated godforsaken nest is called Hopetown, what a mockery...

    It consists of the train station, as well as some run down houses, a "hotel" and a few farm buildings, all of which have seen better days.

    About a mile away is the neighboring pueblo settlement. In the distance you can see the high bell tower of the dilapidated church.

    In the hills are pueblos of various sizes and shapes, from dilapidated, single-story to two-story, relatively large buildings, some of which are closely spaced and connected by clay walls.

    There are countless cellars, some of which are rumored to be connected to secret passages, and the crypt under the old bell tower is rumored to still exist.

    It will surely be a brutal fight, man versus man between the houses and walls of both settlements. Death will have a rich harvest!