Map " Mc Kenzie"

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    Mc Kenzie 1870, North Dakota

    Mc Kenzie is a tranquil village in the vastness of North Dakota. In the course of time various trades have settled around the station and the number of inhabitants has increased rapidly. The special feature of Mc Kenzie is the train station. It is divided into two parts; the main buildings with locomotive workshop and shunting tracks are located in the northern part, and in the southern part is the small part of the station, from which you can change to the trains.

    Gently rolling hills with various farms, fields lined with curtsies and a cattle loading station, line the dreamy little town.

    There are also woods of different sizes and densities in the area, as well as a small river east of Mc Kenzie that flows through the landscape.

    Secret places are also waiting to be discovered, find and use them to your advantage before your opponent does!

    Here you will experience wild shootings in the city, at the train stations, the farms, exciting chases and much more, this area is definitely not for sissies...