Map " Lousiana Forrest"

  • Louisiana Forrest 1873, Lousiana

    In the deep forests of Louisiana, you are in the middle of it all and you wish nothing more than to escape this hell.

    Every mile you travel is torture with terrential storm downpour..

    In the middle of the forest area there is a small settlement with a pony station, here the weary traveler can find accommodation and also give his mount a little rest in one of the stables. The pony station is surrounded by a small, rapid stream which can only be crossed more or less safely via a ford or one of the small wooden bridges. In the forest there are still a few small poor huts, as well as a camp and the house of the local lumberjack. There is also a small fishermen's hut on the directly adjacent lake. The fights taking place here will be mostly fought on shortest distance, eye in eye with the opponent, brutal, fast and merciless!