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    Ash Springs 1869, Nevada

    The sleepy village of Ash Springs is located in the middle of the Nevada desert. It consists of 2 main streets, several side streets and alleys and 2 small squares. Around the streets and squares the houses and farm buildings are built, mostly close together and angled, these can become a deadly trap.But there are also more extensive areas in which the bullet of a Winchester is more likely to rip off your legs than that of a revolver. Recognize the different conditions within the city, use them to your advantage and grab the right weapon at the right moment to pump your opponent full of lead. Proceed as a sworn community, where one covers the other's back, then victory will be yours, loners are inevitably doomed to die...


    Burning Desert 1874, Texas

    You are in the Texas desert in 1865, at a pony express station called "Vulture Valley", located on the carriage road from Amarillo to Santa Rosa in New Mexico.

    The station is equipped with 2 stores, a blacksmith, two inns where you can stay more or less comfortable, as well as various stables for horses and carriages.

    There are also a few small huts, a small cemetery with a chapel, a few barns and a mining gallery that has been closed for years.

    Both hotels are two-storey buildings, one even has a roof terrace. The stores are only single-storey and smaller, but here the traveler can buy everything he needs.

    The small chapel with its tombs is a relic from the time when the small mine was still in operation and is now used as a storage room when needed.

    Not far from the chapel there is the old abandoned gold mine, there is nothing to get here for years, but again and again people are drawn in, but not everyone comes out again.

    Do you have enough courage to enter the underworld?

    Mc Kenzie 1870, North Dakota

    Mc Kenzie is a tranquil village in the vastness of North Dakota. In the course of time various trades have settled around the station and the number of inhabitants has increased rapidly. The special feature of Mc Kenzie is the train station. It is divided into two parts; the main buildings with locomotive workshop and shunting tracks are located in the northern part, and in the southern part is the small part of the station, from which you can change to the trains.

    Gently rolling hills with various farms, fields lined with curtsies and a cattle loading station, line the dreamy little town.

    There are also woods of different sizes and densities in the area, as well as a small river east of Mc Kenzie that flows through the landscape.

    Secret places are also waiting to be discovered, find and use them to your advantage before your opponent does!

    Here you will experience wild shootings in the city, at the train stations, the farms, exciting chases and much more, this area is definitely not for sissies...

    Cranks Station 1871, Kentucky, Appalachen

    It is the winter of 1871 in the snowy Apalach, Kentucky, in the quiet village of Cranks.

    Cranks is located in the middle of a large valley, right next to a railroad line. Therefore, Cranks is the center of attraction for people in a wide radius.

    Two main roads, left and right of the railroad line are the arteries of the village. Centrally located is the railroad station with various buildings, as well as the railroad depot with its turntable, a large water tower, workshops and an engine shed.

    In the city itself you can find everything you need to live. Various saloons and stores, a bank, a blacksmith, a telegraph station, a laundry, a small concert hall and a beautiful wooden church with an adjacent cemetery. Also a public execution site in the form of a large gallows is a little away from the cemetery and is ready to deprive the criminals of air..

    A little north at the edge of the village there is a small goods station with an attached storage shed.

    The surrounding area is characterized by forest and a few scattered small farms that have been wrested from the nature a little bit of land to cultivate.

    The railroad facilities play a central role, there will also be many usable things that have a great influence on the course of the map. As an example the turntable will be usable and much more.

    Last but not least there are the unfavorable weather conditions, the clouds are hanging low and grey, the wind whistles with increasing strength and there is heavy snowfall which can turn into a blizzard. The visibility is therefore limited, you should take this into account before you open fire, not that you unintentionally decimate your own group.

    Smoky Mountains 1872, Tennessee

    Deep in the mighty mountains of the Appalachian Tennessee, there are two small mining settlements on a large lake. Framed by forests and rugged rock faces, the settlements have grown to considerable size with the constant expansion of the numerous existing mines. A cable car runs across the lake from a plateau down to a camp on the lake shore and another one connects two of the large mines. The lake can also be crossed by foot via a narrow ford between the two settlements, as well as by rowing boats by water. Various large and small ore mines with different levels and hundreds of meters below and above ground are driven into the huge mountain massifs, a truly unreal place for fights between the declared mortal enemies. Explosions, collapses, booby traps, fires, all this and much more awaits the brave ( or exhausted of life? ) who enter the mines unprepared.

    Also the ravines, paths and forests are full of dangers, not only that one of the enemies is a pain in the neck, but also rock falls, wild animals and other nasty surprises are always to be expected.

    You can expect shooting duels of all kinds, from ranged battles to bitter close combat in forests, canyons, in and around the settlements and nerve-wracking underground battles for the mines and their resources. Are you man enough to face this hell?

    Sonoran Desert 1869, Arizona

    You get off the train and stand on what is called a station in this area, but really only in this area...

    The associated godforsaken nest is called Hopetown, what a mockery...

    It consists of the train station, as well as some run down houses, a "hotel" and a few farm buildings, all of which have seen better days.

    About a mile away is the neighboring pueblo settlement. In the distance you can see the high bell tower of the dilapidated church.

    In the hills are pueblos of various sizes and shapes, from dilapidated, single-story to two-story, relatively large buildings, some of which are closely spaced and connected by clay walls.

    There are countless cellars, some of which are rumored to be connected to secret passages, and the crypt under the old bell tower is rumored to still exist.

    It will surely be a brutal fight, man versus man between the houses and walls of both settlements. Death will have a rich harvest!

    Louisiana Forrest 1873, Lousiana

    In the deep forests of Louisiana, you are in the middle of it all and you wish nothing more than to escape this hell.

    Every mile you travel is torture with terrential storm downpour..

    In the middle of the forest area there is a small settlement with a pony station, here the weary traveler can find accommodation and also give his mount a little rest in one of the stables. The pony station is surrounded by a small, rapid stream which can only be crossed more or less safely via a ford or one of the small wooden bridges. In the forest there are still a few small poor huts, as well as a camp and the house of the local lumberjack. There is also a small fishermen's hut on the directly adjacent lake. The fights taking place here will be mostly fought on shortest distance, eye in eye with the opponent, brutal, fast and merciless!

    "Abandoned Farm"

    The Abandoned Farm of Jessie‘s grandparents, lonely in the desert of Arizona. Here are also the graves of the beloved grandparents, who were slaughtered years before by lawless scum.

    The farm area consists of the "manor house", a servants' house and various barns and sheds. Everything has been left to decay for years and is in absolutely dilapidated or destroyed condition.

    The roofs are collapsing, walls have fallen victim to the termites, but a few animals left behind are still fighting for survival. The whole farm is tunneled under, which allows you to get behind the

    enemy unseen, provided you find the entrances to this secret underground world.