Map "Cranks Station"

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    Cranks Station 1871, Kentucky, Appalachen

    It is the winter of 1871 in the snowy Apalach, Kentucky, in the quiet village of Cranks.

    Cranks is located in the middle of a large valley, right next to a railroad line. Therefore, Cranks is the center of attraction for people in a wide radius.

    Two main roads, left and right of the railroad line are the arteries of the village. Centrally located is the railroad station with various buildings, as well as the railroad depot with its turntable, a large water tower, workshops and an engine shed.

    In the city itself you can find everything you need to live. Various saloons and stores, a bank, a blacksmith, a telegraph station, a laundry, a small concert hall and a beautiful wooden church with an adjacent cemetery. Also a public execution site in the form of a large gallows is a little away from the cemetery and is ready to deprive the criminals of air..

    A little north at the edge of the village there is a small goods station with an attached storage shed.

    The surrounding area is characterized by forest and a few scattered small farms that have been wrested from the nature a little bit of land to cultivate.

    The railroad facilities play a central role, there will also be many usable things that have a great influence on the course of the map. As an example the turntable will be usable and much more.

    Last but not least there are the unfavorable weather conditions, the clouds are hanging low and grey, the wind whistles with increasing strength and there is heavy snowfall which can turn into a blizzard. The visibility is therefore limited, you should take this into account before you open fire, not that you unintentionally decimate your own group.