Map "Burning Desert"

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    Burning Desert 1874, Texas

    You are in the Texas desert in 1865, at a pony express station called "Vulture Valley", located on the carriage road from Amarillo to Santa Rosa in New Mexico.

    The station is equipped with 2 stores, a blacksmith, two inns where you can stay more or less comfortable, as well as various stables for horses and carriages.

    There are also a few small huts, a small cemetery with a chapel, a few barns and a mining gallery that has been closed for years.

    Both hotels are two-storey buildings, one even has a roof terrace. The stores are only single-storey and smaller, but here the traveler can buy everything he needs.

    The small chapel with its tombs is a relic from the time when the small mine was still in operation and is now used as a storage room when needed.

    Not far from the chapel there is the old abandoned gold mine, there is nothing to get here for years, but again and again people are drawn in, but not everyone comes out again.

    Do you have enough courage to enter the underworld?